Let each one of us make it a practice to please (make happy) his neighbour for his good for his true welfare, to edify him [to strengthen him and build him up spiritually]. Rom 15:2 (Amplified Bible)

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Time won't wait

Hi Christoggers!
Is your time running out?

Time waits for no man! Time will not wait for us so we squeeze as much as possible into the time we have. This should mean that we have perfected our schedules and should now have more time, right? Of course not! The more time we have left, the more we seem to want to do. It's like clearing out an overfilled wardrobe (closet), only to stuff it again with new clothes!

If you are at the point where life seems to leave you behind and instead of living, you are merely existing, it's time for a time check-upOverload is the work we put on ourselves; our priorities are not always God's and when our lives look like overloaded trucks or tangled threads, it's time to go back to the drawing board. So, how do we check that we are in tune with God? John Maxwell words it perfectly:

"...making a difference, doing something that makes a difference, with people that make a difference, at the time that makes a difference."

I believe that this is a good standard of measurement: What are we doing? Who does/will it impact? Who are we in partnership with to achieve our work? When do we strike? I have recently heard of young men and women dying and people saying, "...but he/she was so young...". It's not when you die, (Jesus died in his thirties), but what you take with you when you go! Pastor Myles Munroe says, "Die empty!" and I totally agree with him. You are not expected to show up in heaven, still full of life's potential. The 'tomorrow' you spoke of is now 24 hours old; the 'next week' you were waiting for is now 3 months old and in another 3 months, it would have been half a year of waiting! I know that the bible tells us in Ecclesiastes 3:1, that 'to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven'. Every year has all the seasons in it - dry and rainy, winter and summer, autumn and spring. Find out your season and plan with God, so you can plant with God - the right plant, with the right people, at the right time.

Christians love to pray, "Come soon Lord Jesus" and it is a prayer I do not pray! When he comes, will he find me where I am supposed to be, doing what I was sent to do - with the right people? I say, "Come Lord Jesus but not just yet!" I need help to get my life in order so that when he comes, I can hear him say, "Well done 'Hephzibah', (the one in whom I delight)." Let's not waste time but use it - effectively. The right time to do something is only right when it is in time with God's plan. Yes, to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. So, when will it be your time? Till next week, keep on walking in Christ.

Funmi 'Lahyorz' Akinmade

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

First class service

Hi Christoggers!
First class service to God!

When you hear the words 'First Class', what comes to your mind? I am sure I will not be far off if I said aeroplanes. If you had a first class ticket for a flight, you would expect nothing but the best. Your first class experience would however not start as the plane took off but at the check-in. In some cases, it could even begin from you being collected by car from your home.

In the same way, when we make requests of God, (and I use this term strongly), we expect his best. A request is not a prayer though. It is asking for something to be done for us - on our own pre-set terms. Prayer is asking for something to be done for us - on God's terms. So, when we pray =)), we expect God's best. Since we commit ourselves to do God's perfect will, he also expects the best from us, just like we do of him - a first class service! Doing God's will is serving him honourably, the best way we can. So, how do we offer a first class service to God?

  • NO MURMURING! Murmuring is a sign of displeasure. Are you displeased with God's instructions?
  • NO COMPARING! You are one of God's billions of children! How many of them do you want to compare yourself with?
  • NO PROCRASTINATING! Delaying is disobeying. Praying to get clarification is however not procrastinating.
  • NO BUTS! The customer is king! Your 'customer' is really KING and he is always right! "But..." Did God forget something?
  • ASK TO HELP! Ask God if there is more you can do for him. Being of service is making yourself available.
  • BE CONFIDENT! Confidence in God is wisdom, (ask David the shepherd boy). Your confession strengthens and builds you up: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"!
  • BE JOYFUL! Sometimes, things do not go as planned. Ask the apostle Paul who went through 'hell' to fulfill his calling. When you serve God joyfully inspite of any problem, you tell God that he is worth the trouble.
  • PRAISE AND PRAY! This is the air you must breathe and the food you must eat. The heavenly department of praise and prayer is open 24/7; this is the incense that keeps your 'Heavenly-Google' rating high and keeps your spiritual lamp burning.
Serving seems to consume my thoughts lately. In the 'not so important' things, I still find myself thinking, "Will this please God?". I certainly do not get things right - not even half the time! However, the more I am consumed by this desire to please God by serving him in the best way I can, the better it makes me feel.  I am realising more and more that it's really the giving of ME, MYSELF AND I - to God. It is one thing to know what to do and want to do it but a very different thing to take the step. "I am ready to serve you Lord, ME, MYSELF AND I, no matter what it will cost me. It's first class service from now on". And YOU? Till next week, keep on walking in Christ!

Funmi 'Lahyorz' Akinmade

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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

You matter!

Hi Christoggers!
God's message to you!

In my early days BC, (Before Christ), I thought God was concerned about the church and not his church - the institution and not the people. Oh, how wrong I was! Later on IC, (In Christ), I was made to believe that God was concerned about serious matters only - you know, life and death and whatever happened in between were 'those things' that just happen because they just do. Ugh?! This is enough to make you take a U-turn back to BC!

Okay, life does happen but not of itself. There is the Good - God, with good intentions for you and the Bad, the devil with terrible plans to stop you. God will allow the bad things but he does not revel in your discomfort. He has an open door, no, a very wide open door called grace to cushion you and help you through. Dare I say, mmm... okay... well... I dare! I dare to say that if I, (anyone else?), walked in perfect love and absolute obedience to God, the devil would be living on this earth at his registered address - under my Holy Ghost-filled shoes! I'm not and so, he's not! Confused? Breathe slowly and thank God you don't have to write this article =)).

So, is God involved, really involved in our lives. I volunteer to testify:

A very long time ago, I went to do a quick search on my computer and I did not even bother to sit down. "Photocopy your blog posts." Pardon? What? Who? Something in me must have known the what and the who because my reply was sarcastic: "You cannot be serious! Photocopy 5? posts?" I looked up as if I wanted to reply 'the messenger' but I was alone, at least, to my naked-spectacle-covered eyes. "Okay, I'll P-H-O-T-O-C-O-P-Y 5? P-O-S-T-S!!!", was my 'elated' response. So, I did. A couple of weeks later, I wrote another post and wanted to save it to my posts' folder and the computer said ?!?!?! I said, "Don't joke with me! WHERE IS MY FOLDER?" ,;..#?!?!!?!!! To cut a very, very long story to a long length, the folder was no where to be found! (Selah - pause and think about this!) Not only did this confirm that I really did hear God, years later when I 'decided' to stop blogging because it was time-consuming and I needed 'my time' to try and earn a living, he spoke again. "Was it your decision to start the blog?" I said, "Mmm... em... no". He continued, "...then, you cannot stop it."

Now, for the shorter version of the long length;))
I recently needed a new pair of net curtains and rushed to check out three shops before closing time. I went to check a fourth across the road and on my return to shop 3, it was closing time  :((. It was a Friday and I really didn't want to go out the next day but I now had to. My husband insisted I check a newly-opened shop near us - zilch! So, half an hour later, I arrived at shop 3. There was a 50% sale off the curtains and the offer was only for that day! Now, do not laugh! Promise? I left the shop singing, went to my car and knelt on the floor of the car park. I was so overwhelmed by the whole drama and realised it was not really about the curtains. I had issues upon issues in my life and as I knelt to give thanks - yes, beside my car on the parking lot, it occurred to me that God was telling me something. He is concerned about EVERY ASPECT of my life - even those things that seem irrelevant because I MATTER TO HIM. How much more the 'greater things'?

YOU MATTER TO GOD! He's interested in everything you do because HE IS SO MUCH IN LOVE WITH YOU! Never, ever forget that! Till next week, keep on walking in Christ!

Funmi 'Lahyorz' Akinmade

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