Let each one of us make it a practice to please (make happy) his neighbour for his good for his true welfare, to edify him [to strengthen him and build him up spiritually]. Rom 15:2 (Amplified Bible)

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The sheep's story

Hi Christoggers!

Do you still remember how you used to say the Lord's prayer without even thinking about it - I do! You probably could still recite it in your sleep ;-) The only problem is - knowing the words and understanding them are really two worlds apart!

I was meditating on a scripture passage and as I began to blurt out some things, I realised that I was talking about the 23rd Psalm. This Psalm, like the Lord's prayer, is well known to christians and non-christians alike. It is amazing, isn't it, that one could read a passage of scripture twenty times and each time, a new revelation is received. It's probably God's way of ensuring that we do not turn the bible into a book of prescriptions or recipes, knowing exactly what to read to fulfill our needs. In so doing, we become gods unto ourselves without any more need for our creator.

Since the psalm compares the role of our Lord to that of a shepherd, that automatically means that we are the sheep of his pasture. In this article, I would like to narrate the 23rd Psalm from the sheep's perspective.

The Lord is the one who is completely responsible for me. Since the day I gave my life to him, he bore the burden that used to weigh me down. Being the owner of my life, he is responsible for providing all of my needs to ensure that I lack no good thing. One of the major problems I used to have was never knowing exactly which direction to take and as a result, I used to go with the crowd, following the latest trends. All that has now changed because he now orders my steps and guides me in the way that I should go. He is very efficient in detecting danger and knows precisely how to shield me from them.

When the pressures of life take their toll on me, my Shepherd simply makes me lie in refreshing pastures and gives me waters of life to restore me. In my life journeys, he leads me along predetermined paths as he guides me to my destiny, to prove his faithfulness. Even when all around me seems hopeless and I am weighed down by doom and darkness, I have no fear but peace within me. This is because of the unfailing presence of my Shepherd. His rod protects me from evil and his staff is stretched out to ensure that I remain on the paths he has ordained for me. Earlier in my relationship with him, I had thought that his staff restricted me but now I see it as a comfort, proding me to make sure that I do not go astray and thus confirming his care and love for me.

As my enemies look on, my Shepherd blesses me to the point of overflow - super abundantly over my desires and hopes. His care for me is the confirmation of his covenant to me - to be my God. I am thus assured that nothing but goodness, mercy and his unfailing love shall be my portion, following me in all my endeavours. So, in order to enjoy all of these benefits, I have chosen my Shepherd's house as my dwelling place - my home.

Do you agree with the sheep's account of his Shepherd's care? Is this how you see your Shepherd? If so, continue to abide in the One who is able to keep and hallow you. It is only in his dwelling place that you are safe - take refuge there! Till next week, keep walking in Christ!


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