Let each one of us make it a practice to please (make happy) his neighbour for his good for his true welfare, to edify him [to strengthen him and build him up spiritually]. Rom 15:2 (Amplified Bible)

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Good Caretaker

Hi Christoggers!

I have come to realise that we sometimes get confused about what belongs to us - our possessions and what we are asked to take care of. When my daughter tells me of the freedom she 'believes' she has to do as she wills because it's 'also her house', I remind her that it's her home - her place of dwelling not her house - her possession. Imagine being asked to take care of a property or some other thing that is not yours, you certainly cannot lay claim to it, can you? Once this is clear, it makes it easy for the owner to give you charge over it.

I believe, for example, that God gives us children, so that we, as caretakers, can help in preparing them for God's master plan. We therefore have no right to stir them according to our plans but God's. It's the same with our lives and money and other possessions; I think that the reason we sometimes hinder God from having his way in our lives or with the money we have is because we think that our lives and money belong to us. When we understand that ALL we are and ALL we have belong to God, we become good caretakers that will release the Master's goods when he needs them.

Joseph was a good caretaker who certainly knew his place. Whilst working in the house of Portiphar as a slave, he was put in charge of his master's household. Understanding that all he was put in charge of was not his, the temptation to help himself to the riches of Portiphar's house could be overcome. He kept the house as his master desired thereby making his master happy and at ease with him. What happens though, when you are managing to keep your fingers out of the 'jar of honey' and nevertheless have a jar thrown at you? Do you still resist temptation or do you help yourself to 'just a little bit'?

A good caretaker knows that he or she will be taken care of and there is therefore no need to take what does not belong to him or her. What about the temptation that thrusts itself at you, like Portiphar's wife? Joseph must have had lots of reasons to fall into this trap of the devil. Becoming his mistress' lover would have advanced his plans but unfortunately not into freedom but into hell! He no doubt would have enjoyed certain privileges but at the cost of his destiny. So determined was he not to sin against God that he literally fled the scene of temptation.

So, what can God trust us with? Can he trust us with talents, money or possessions and be assured that we will not consume these for our own plans but release them to him when he requires them? Had Joseph not learnt to be a good caretaker, he would never have been suuccessful taking charge over the whole of Egypt. He was faithful in little, in Portiphar's house and therefore qualified to be put in charge of more, over the land of Egypt.
Dear Lord, help me to be a good caretaker of your possessions, releasing to you, all you need - from my hands as well as my heart, Amen.
Till next week, keep walking in Christ.



  1. Amen! What do we have that we have not received?

  2. Nothing! It's all given to us by grace. Thanks for sharing. Stay blessed!