Let each one of us make it a practice to please (make happy) his neighbour for his good for his true welfare, to edify him [to strengthen him and build him up spiritually]. Rom 15:2 (Amplified Bible)

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Faith garden

Hi Christoggers! 
Is your faith-garden blooming?
It's gardening season and as predictable it is, that the Christmas season means the shops will be packed full of 'gift-hunters', so it is, that the garden centres will be packed full of 'plant-hunters' in the springtime. A little bit of sunshine and we are ready to transform our gardens, (for those with green fingers), into scenes of radiant colour. From seeds to seedlings and young plants to trees, there will be room for them in our garden because we will find a way!

It is surprising how much of our time these colourful beauties are going to take up in the next few months. They will definitely be needing more than sowing and planting; there's the watering and the feeding, the pruning and weeding and not to forget dead-heading the flowers! With all these in mind, we still take on the task willingly and voluntarily!

"Christian, christian, how does your garden grow?" Could you imagine spending so much time and being so dedicated to your 'faith-garden' - your christian walk? Mmmm! If your natural garden 'must' be at it's best, how much more your faith-garden? To enjoy your natural garden, you will have to put in some effort and the same goes for your faith-garden! You will need to sow the Word and make sure it's properly planted in your ground. It needs to be watered and fed by your praise and prayers and don't forget to prune the branches that belong to the Law of sin and death family! Weed out those seeds and seedlings contrary to the word of God before they become deeply rooted, grow and choke the good Word you have sown. Everytime there is noticeable growth, dead-head the flowers - people and things which were once beautiful but no longer have a place in the next phase of your life. Realise that not all flowers that budded in April will still be on the plant in August. Some are there just for spring, some just for the summer and others for the entire season of flowering. Now, for those who are not into gardening, I am sure you have a passion for something - fixing an old-timer, painting, baking or just anything that takes your fancy, that can also take up your spring-summer season.

Whatever requires a lot of your time also 'steals' from your time with God. How can you redeem some of this time? By feeding your spirit while you work. Housework became less of a chore and something rather more pleasant for me, when I started listening to christian music - recorded or on the radio, or sermons, even from YouTube, while I worked. I hardly work in the garden without having 'something' to listen to and I must confess, that this makes me work even longer than I intended to! In other words, as much as possible, take care of your faith-garden - your christian walk, anyway and as often as you can. Spring and summertime seem to be seasons when we 'relax' and take an unplanned 'break' from God because we become so busy, sometimes too busy, enjoying what the good Lord gave us - at his expense!

So, as the weather warms up, don't let your faith-walk grow cold. Till next week, keep on walking in christ!

Yorz-in- Christ,
Funmi Akinmade (Lahyorz)

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  1. Oh I love to "listen" while I work too. There are so many ways we can feed our spirits so much that we gain strength to live Christ-like lives. We must indeed ensure the blooming of our faith garden. Great share sis, have a super blessed day!

  2. In this age of advanced technology, we have no excuses! The devil is busy sowing and we cannot afford to sleep! Thanks for sharing your thoughts Sis; stay blessed!